Show Vegetarians You Care with These Pancakes

Did you know October is Vegetarian awareness month?

Well, although not vegetarian myself, a lot of the people that I love are, so it is really important to respect them and their life choices and somehow show them we care.

How did I observe this month? Well, since October is coming to an end, maybe it’s a bit late for a whole month appreciation, but you still have one week left, so stick around and see how can you show a vegetarian friend you care.

I decided to prepare one vegetarian meal each day, and I found all kinds of recipes on the Internet. But, not to complicate things I decided to stick to the American staple: pancakes.

A Vegetarian Pancake a Day Keeps Health Issues Away

Among an array of healthy American pancake recipes I found plenty vegetarian pancakes. Of course, the regular American pancakes are vegetarian, but the toppings aren’t.

By now, you’ve probably guessed which topping I am referring to.

The good old bacon.

If you weren’t convinced by now, maybe this fact will make you eager to try a vegetarian version of a pancake meal.

See, bacon is one of the best inventions taste-wise, but when it comes to a person’s health, it is probably not the healthiest food out there. It contains vast quantities of sodium, thus, eating too much bacon may lead to heart diseases and high blood pressure.

But, what if I told you there is an equally tasty bacon variant and it is fittingly (or wittingly) called facon. I’ve decided to prepare my favorite Honey Cornmeal Pancakes with Bacon & Honey Butter Drizzle, and go all the way and substitute regular bacon for its vegetarian variant.

The result?

Equally crispy and just as tasty, only without the calories and fat of our regular favorite.

More Vegetarian Pancake Awesomeness

Vegetarians are not that limited in their food choices as vegans are, since the later are deprived of eating dairy foods, but still, life without meat must be pretty difficult.

Well, even if it is, the silver lining is: they can ALWAYS eat chocolate. And to celebrate this fact I decided to prepare the Coconut Chocolate Rice Krispie Pancakes.

These fluffy chocolate wonders were a great hit at my Vegetarian party.

Yup, I went so far as to host a vegetarian party, and my friends all loved it. (Some of my non-vegetarian friends even decided to give vegetarianism a try).

Wooow only now do I realize how great of an impression these pancakes must have left on them if they are to take such altering life decisions.

Nevertheless, I must admit vegetarians eat a bit healthier than us regular fellas, and the thought of going vegetarian has crossed my mind several times this month. So if I decide to go for it, you can expect some more vegetarian awesomeness from me. Till next time then J.