Re-imagining Pancakes Will Become Your New Hobby

Although I can presume we all love the round, flat cakes that we call pancakes, more often than not they are dubbed “boring”. Ok, at least my kids say this. So, I am forced to experiment with shapes and colors.

Different Pancake Colors

Except for the usual and most obvious way to color your pancakes – food coloring, there are a few other alternatives.
Blue– If you want your hotcakes to have a bluish hue without adding food colorings, blueberries are the right choice for you. Just put a handful of blueberries in a blender and add them to your favorite pancake batter. The final result might not be the most vibrant of colors, but it will definitely be tasty and not regular at all!
Red– since one of my all-time favorite pancake recipes is the one for the red velvet hotcakes, and as you can see I am not the biggest fun of food coloring, I had to find a replacement. Beetroot powder. The color you will get is a bit more pinkish than red, but still. Here’s how you can prepare your root powder: Wash and peel the beets then slice them into thin pieces (either with a knife or a mandolin). Let them dehydrate overnight at 104-105 degrees. Proceed to add them to a coffee grinder and grind them into a fine powder.
Green– A great natural coloring if you want to achieve a green hue, is adding liquid chlorophyll. You will need no more than a quarter of a teaspoon.

Different Pancake Shapes

sweet little pancakes

If you are tired of the same old hotcake shapes, then try one of these.
Get your tins ready and pour the pancake batter inside. You can add chocolate chips, blueberries, anything you want as long as you don’t pour too much because they will overflow while baking.
Why not prepare some doughnuts? Pour the batter into a doughnut tin and then coat the pancakes with chocolate and top them with colorful sprinkles.
Make little pancakes and place them on kebab sticks. Spread some Nutella on them and make sandwiches, then proceed to add them on the stick followed by whole strawberries, slices of banana and another Nutella sandwich.
You can make large stacks of hotcakes with some cream cheese spread, or Nutella in between each one. Use some whipped cream to cover them and sprinkles to top them with, and your pancake-cake will be ready for you and your family to devour!
Go ahead and prepare yourselves some tasty hotcakes. You and your family will be having so much fun that pancaking will become your new hobby. As for the place you can find the best pancake recipes check this collection of pancake recipes | MyGreatRecipes.