Perfect Paleo Pancake Recipe, Healthy, and Scrumptious

Pancakes have always been America’s favorite, and recently, another favorite when it comes to food and dieting is the paleo diet! For anyone who still doesn’t know what the paleo diet is all about (although I can hardly imagine this to be true) here are the basics. The word itself stems from Paleolithic and refers to the way people ate in that era. People following this way of life exclude dairy products or any artificial products for that matter and are more inclined towards organic foods, vegetables, and fruits. As for paleo recipes, the internet is filled with scrumptious ones, and many of them are paleo.

Paleo PancakeRecipe Ingredients

Forget all about the regular pancake recipe. This time pancakes come in a better, healthier form. To prepare healthy paleo hotcakes you should consider replacing some of the key ingredients for every hotcake batter.

Flour. No all-purpose flour is allowed. But, also, no whole grain or whole wheat. Instead, you can go for a nutty flour or coconut flour, both great for pancake batters. If you want a richer tasting stack of hotcakes, then you will love the paleo take on them.

Milk. No dairy products are allowed either. So, go for almond milk or coconut milk, the outcome will be a fluffy, pillowy soft hotcake stack that is going to be screaming HEALTHY.

Sugar and oil. Ditch the sugar and use honey for your batter. As for the frying part. Use olive oil and not any type, but the extra virgin one, or coconut oil since it is a great ingredient to be used in sweet recipes.

pancake recipe from
Pancake recipe from

Paleo Pancake Toppings

The great thing about pancakes in general, but also their paleo version is that you are not confined when it comes to the toppings. Of course, you cannot go for a Nutella topping or a chocolate syrup one, but maple syrup is definitely allowed. What’s more, you can always spice things up with some cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg, and nuts like pecans, walnuts, or cashews, are always a great idea.

But, the options don’t stop here. Berries are also a paleo friendly ingredient. I don’t know about you, but we eat strawberries and blueberries like crazy in our household, so fresh, or frozen berries will definitely make your pancakes ten times yummier. (fold them into the batter or use them as a topping, either way, you won’t be sorry).

The Best Paleo Pancake Recipe

Yes, I do have a favorite recipe! The Chocolate Hazelnut Paleo Pancakes are definitely on the top of my all-time favorite hotcake recipes! Healthy and tasty and done in only 35 minutes, these will definitely become a staple at your home. Top them with some raw honey and hazelnuts and you are in for a treat! (But, for some extra awesomeness, go ahead and chop some pecans, cashews, and walnuts as well).

Regardless of whether you are on a paleo diet, or just want to try a healthier take on your regular pancake, go ahead and whip yourselves a batch of these.

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