Korean Tuna Pancakes

Korean Tuna Pancakes

Tuna pancakes are originally a Korean recipe called chamchijeon. Pancakes in Korea are considered a folk dish that anyone can make easily at home with any ingredients available in the kitchen. To make these pancakes spicy and exotic add some kimchi, pickled vegetables seasoned with chili pepper and spices. If…

Eggless Fluffy Pancake

Eggless Fluffy Pancakes

If you have a family member that is allergic to eggs or you are just bored of eating meals that include eggs for breakfast (like eggs and bacon or classic pancakes), this recipe is just for you. There are no eggs in these pancakes but they are still super soft…

Japanese Cabbage Pancake

Japanese Cabbage Pancake

This big omelet-style pancake is called Okonomiyaki, which means “what you want”, so yes, you can add basically anything in it: vegetables, meats, cheese, seafood… The only constant ingredient inside is the cabbage. You can find original Asian ingredients like tenkasu, dashi powder or special okonomiyaki flour in the local…

Spinach Pancakes with Mushrooms

Spinach Pancakes with Mushrooms

Prepare these emerald beauties with no food coloring whatsoever. The spinach will not only add the divine green color, but it will also bring the nutrients: iron, calcium, magnesium and what not. Make a mushroom and onion side and you will get a delicious meal that simply explodes with flavors….

Cherry Pancake

Charming Cherry Pancakes

Cheer to the cherries! If you like cherries as much as I do you will adore this pancake recipe. Stir fresh cherries into your favorite pancake batter and create a fresh and delicious breakfast treat. There is one extra secret ingredient I use: just a little bit of cherry brandy…

Traditional Buttermilk Pancakes

Traditional Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe

This is a recipe which will allow you to make your childhood favorite buttermilk pancakes from scratch. It will take you about 20 minutes in total to prepare the mix and cook them. The result are pancakes that can’t even compare to those made with box pancake mix. These pancakes…


Healthy and Delicious Whole Wheat Pancakes

Of late I’ve been paying more and more attention to my overall well-being. This includes waking up early, going for a morning jog, and of course eating a healthy breakfast. Since I definitely love pancakes I came up with this healthy pancake recipe. So if you are looking for a…


Vegetarian Carrot Pancakes with Salted Yogurt

If you are looking for a pancake recipe good enough to be on your lunch menu, look no further! These carrot pancakes with salted yogurt are delicious, rich in flavor, and what’s more they are completely vegetarian! Ingredients: 4 large eggs, beaten 8 medium sized carrots, peeled, coarsely grated  ¼…


Tasty Vegan Hazelnut Pancakes

Throughout the years of being vegan, I have tried out many pancake recipes. I must admit I find almost all of them tasty, but these Hazelnut Pancakes are on the top of my list. Ready in half an hour, these pancakes are a great choice for an early breakfast, or…


Home-Made Eggnog Pancakes Recipe

These pancakes contain home-made eggnog. I like my pancakes home-made from scratch. Eggnog can be alcoholic, as you know, but since these are pancakes we are talking about, and pancakes are every kid’s favorite breakfast, I choose the alcohol-free variant. If you want the alcoholic alternative use the same eggnog…